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12 May 2019

Caring for your feet this Winter

We all want feet looking as good as this picture, next summer, right?

Well here are some good tips from the Prospect Podiatry crew to help you achieve healthy happy feet.

General skin care

Cold weather can slow the circulation to your feet. Your skin can become dry and cause cracks, especially in your heels. So moisturise regularly, yes even in winter. 

If you do not have good circulation, keep a lookout for chilblains particularly over pressure points in your toes. If you smoke it’s good to know that it reduces blood flow to your feet even further.


In growing toenails are more common in winter as closed in shoes put pressure on the toe.  When your feet are kept in a warm, moist environment for long periods of time – like winter boots – it provides an ideal environment for infection to thrive.

Another problem is toenail fungus. If nails are damaged and if there is any tinea present, this can spread beneath the nail and can be very difficult to treat. 

 Remove your nail polish in winter

Give your toenails break from the harsh nail polish. The whitish discoloration you sometimes see after removing nail polish is a superficial fungal infection and should be treated.

It’s important to keep your feet clean, dry and manicured to avoid issues such as corns, calluses, toenail fungus, and ingrown toenails.

To keep your feet properly maintained Prospect Podiatry recommends:

•    Washing them with soap and warm water daily

•    Using a pumice stone to smooth out heels

•    Moisturising your feet with a good cream daily

•    Trimming your nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails

•    Remove nail polish for winter

Giving your feet a winter pamper will keep them looking nice so you’ll be ready when summer comes back around.

Prospect Podiatry Tips

Podiatric Surgeon, Andrew van Essen and General Podiatrist, Jessica Ngo


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