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Iritija Mumu Kuwaritja (The Past & Nowadays)

Artist: Julie Yatitja | Anangu Backyard, Stories for the Children 2008. Julie has painted Indulkana community, her home. Contemporary landmarks are the shop, clinic, and church and school, which are all essential and yet sparse resources in community. Also depicted are the hills, bushes, flowers, and rock holes. Interdispersed are images from the past when Anangu people were hunting and gathering, sitting around campfires and rockholes talking and eating. These works have been purchased through programs such as Adelaide Festival Centre’s Our Mob, Our Young Mob, Anangu Backyard and Tarnanthi Art Fair.  

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Our Mob: 23 August – 3 October 2019   

Tarnanthi Art Fair: 18 – 20 October 2019

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