Jessica Ngo

General Podiatrist

Jessica Ngo Podiatrist adelaide

Jessica enjoys treating a vast caseload of podiatry services and firmly believes in following management/treatment strategies with an evidence-based and structural approach.


Jessica graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Podiatry (Honours), where she received multiple University Merit Awards. Jessica also has her Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines allowing her to prescribe medications. This qualification is particularly useful when treating infected wounds or ingrowing toenails.

About Jessica

Jessica is an experienced podiatrist who works with all aspects of podiatry including general podiatry care, arthritis of the feet, and general foot pain. She has a very caring nature, which is evident by her determination to work in her patient’s best interest to help them achieve a pain-free active lifestyle.

Jessica particularly enjoys treating musculoskeletal injuries and has undertaken additional training courses to improve her knowledge and offer adjunctive treatment options that include foot mobilisation, dry needling, and lower limb strengthening exercises.

As a member of the Podiatry Association, she has presented at a seminar regarding the use of drugs in contemporary podiatry practice and was invited to be a panel member at the National Podiatry Conference.

Outside of podiatry, Jessica enjoys playing football, running, attending live gigs, and if time permits, traveling overseas.

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