Footwear is a significant factor in the cause of foot pain and deformity. While treatments including orthotic therapy and foot surgery are very effective, the focus also needs to be on using the correct shoe for your needs.

Expert Footwear Advice

Over many years, we have developed relationships with footwear retailers. We will provide advice and referral to shoe stores in fashion, comfort, sport, outdoor adventure, bushwalking, industrial and orthopaedic footwear.

Custom Made Surgical Shoe

With the range of specialty fitting and extra depth shoes now available, in the majority of situations, readymade shoes can be used. If custom made shoes are required we have a visiting surgical boot maker who can provide services onsite or at your home if necessary.

Shoe Stretching Service

Sometimes there are lumps and bumps which just don’t fit, so we provide a shoe stretching service to spot-stretch shoes for hammer toes and bunions or width stretching for tight shoes.

We will do everything possible to keep your feet looking and feeling good in the most attractive shoe possible.

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