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Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic Therapy includes:

  • Computer-generated orthoses
  • Foot and ankle orthoses
  • Affordable ready made customised orthoses

Abnormal foot and leg alignment is a common factor in the development of foot and leg injuries and pain. Biomechanical assessment can pinpoint poor foot and leg alignment that leads to pain and injuries.

Orthotic devices can be an effective means of managing biomechanical abnormalities and can be used for a range of foot and leg problems.

We do not limit ourselves to a single type of orthoses but utilise the devices that are best for your needs including soft accommodative orthoses through to carbon fibre composite orthoses.

  • Computer generated orthoses using the latest CAD CAM techniques (read more)
  • Custom made orthoses using traditional plaster casting techniques
  • Affordable ready made customised orthoses
  • Foot and ankle orthoses (read more)
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