Winter Foot Health Tips

Winter Foot Health Tips

Winter is the time to crank up the heating and curl up with our favourite book – we know your feet are the furthest thing from your mind. But just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean your foot health should.

Here are some tips to keep you on the Good Foot this winter!

Fresh Air

Although it’s cold, our feet need to breathe every day. Kick-off your shoes and socks for at least 20 minutes a day to reduce sweating and prevent the risk of developing fungal and bacterial infections.

Daily Moisturising

We all spend more time indoors over winter. Household heating can be very drying on the skin, especially hands, face, and feet. Keep your skin hydrated and supple by moisturising regularly. The skin on the soles of your feet is thicker compared to the skin on the majority of your body, thus using a heel balm which is more penetrating and effective compared to your usual moisturisers.

Nail Care

The rate of nail growth can often slow in winter due to reduced peripheral circulation. Nails are often out of sight during winter, hidden in socks and ugg boots. So make an effort to have a good look at them every day and seek professional advice if anything is bothering you.

Massage your feet Chilblains are very common in cooler weather and a good foot massage can help to improve circulation and promote better blood flow. Massage is also great for any foot aches and pains, and keeps your circulation moving.

Try Natural

Socks and hosiery are standard winter dress, but synthetic materials such as plastic, nylon, and polyester tend to make your feet sweatier as they have reduced breathability and don’t wick away moisture as proficiently compared to natural fibers. The best material for your socks wool and bamboo, they are much more absorbent than cotton and have great thermal regulation properties.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Enclosed shoes keep out the elements during winter. Make sure your soles are in good condition, as excessive signs of wear can cause changes in your foot loading patterns or increase your risk of falls due to reduced traction. If you need to, this is your green light to shop for new shoes.


Snuggling up when it’s cold is one of the simple joys of the cold season. But hunching during cold nights can cause stiffness. Start each day with a good stretch of every muscle to keep loose and flexible.

Talk to one of our Podiatrists to find out more ways to keep your feet firmly on the ground! 

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